Herbal Consultations

Herbal consultations are a time to discuss current health concerns, feelings of imbalance or aspects of your health that you’d like to change or learn more about.  We’ll talk about a variety of topics related to your health and together come up with a protocol (lifestyle, nutrition and herbal) to address specific goals. You’ll receive tailored herbal formulas (teas, tinctures, powders and salves as appropriate) which you can order at Cutting Root. After an initial consultation, we can check in every 6 to 8 weeks, or as often as needed.     

One-On-One Herbal Consultation

An initial 90 minute consultation is $80. Follow-up consultations are 45 minutes and cost $50.

‘Pay What You Can’ Appointment

 A limited number available each month, please contact me for a ‘pay what you can’ appointment.  

30 Minute Care Check

A 30 minute care check is good for acute conditions: colds, flus, or other acute illnesses, injuries (that don’t require immediate medical care) or for quick check ins. These appointments can be done in person or over the phone and cost $35.

How to schedule an appointment

I see clients both in person (in Butler or Pittsburgh) and over the phone by appointment.  If you’d like to schedule an herbal consultation please contact me at (615) 804 0064 or michelle@cuttingroot.com.