Fresh Herb Order Form

Fresh Herbs are available in season. We are not able to completely predict when each harvest will happen- from rain to wind to sun, there are a lot of influences!

**Our Fresh Herb Order Form lists all the fresh herbs we offer in 2021.  Once you submit a form, we'll be in touch with anticipated harvest dates and information. Please pay for your order via paypal to **All orders must be prepaid**

We will be in touch the week before harvest and will either ship out to you via one day standard shipping (or overnight shipping if one day standard shipping is not available in your location) OR arrange for on farm pick up OR arrange for pick up at the Bloomfield Saturday Farmer’s Market.

If you have questions, please contact us at

Thanks so much!!

Fresh Herb List

Now the fun part!

Check the herbs you'd like to order. All fresh herbs come in one pound increments

If you'd like to order more than one pound, please be sure to add a note in the space provided at the bottom to indicate the total amount of each herb you would like to order. For example: "3 pounds of Feverfew, 2 pounds of Marshmallow leaf".