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About Cutting Root Farm

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Cutting Root Farm and Apothecary is a dream I've been cultivating for the past 5 years. Throughout that time, three things have always been true.

  • A commitment to the revitalization and stewardship of the land in urban and rural settings. In Pennsylvania, the history of steel extraction and the current expansion of fracking for natural gas needs to be countered with vigorous investement in traditional farming practices.
  • Small scale herb growing, processing, and formuation ensuring high quality botanicals for the local community.
  • A thoughtful engagement with clients, matching beautiful, medicinal, culinary, native plants with their specific needs.

On and off the farm, we engage people and meet them where they are in their use of botanicals in their lives. To some, we are a nursery where they can find the plants of their dreams, to others we provide fresh plant material for cooking or medicine making. Our herbs are harvested at the height of their season and carefully dried and processed into teas, tinctures, and salves.

Workshops and education opportunities are available for those who wish to learn more about growing or using herbs. Sliding Scale one-on-one consultations are available by to appointment to address specific health needs.

Volunteers and visitors are always welcome! Just check our update volunteer hours or contact us to make an appointment. It's our honor to share this land and these plants with you.

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