Live Plant Order Form

**Live plants orders are only available for farm pick up.
**We'll have plants available at the Bloomfield Market starting in May, but no preordering- first come, first serve

Thank you for ordering live plants! We are filled with joy to share these plants with you. Check out our instagram to stay connected and see the babies in our greenhouse this spring.

Complete the order form below. We've included a small amount of information about each (whether it's perennial or annual and why we grow each plant). Please make sure to tell us your color or variety preference (if there are different options) and the quantity of each type of plant. If you don't list a color or variety preference we will pick a lovely one for you. After you've submitted the form, we'll email you a final invoice. Pay for your order via paypal to **All plants must be prepaid** The deadline for ordering live plants is May 14th, 2021. Plants are available for pick up at the farm after May 1.

We have lots of different sizes!
Six packs – Each pack contains six individual plants. Price: $6.50 per six pack
Three inch pots– Ready to be popped into the ground (or another pot if you prefer container gardening). Price: $4.75 per pot
Half gallon, gallon and larger pots– Prices vary, $8.00-$25.00 per pot

If you have questions, please contact us at

Thanks so much!!

Live Plant List

Now the fun part!

Check the plants you'd like to order. Plants come in a variety of sizes, as noted.

For multiples of one species, please be sure to add a note in the space provided at the bottom to indicate the total amount of each species you would like to order. For example: "3 Feverfew 3 inch pots, 2 Marshmallow 6 packs, 1 orange zinnia 3 inch pot". If there is a choice of color or varieties please note this in the space as well. If no variety is chosen, we will make a lovely choice for you.

Please indicate here if you would like a specific color or variety of plant or multiples of any plant species, for example: 3 Feverfew 3 inch pots, 2 Marshmallow 6 packs, 1 orange zinnia 3 inch pot.