Live Plants

Live plants are only available for order by phone or email and must be prepaid. Orders will be taken February-May for delivery as available. Order early as we are definitely going to run out of many of these plants. We will contact you one week before the plants are ready. Pick up orders will be available at the Bloomfield Saturday Market and delivery orders will ship via two day shipping. Note: not all plants are available in every size.

Six packs– It’s our first time growing six pack herbs and flowers for sale and we are so excited to offer this new product! All seeds are started on the farm and potted up into these larger cell packs. Each pack contains six individual plants. Price: $6.50 per six pack

Three inch pots– All seeds are started on the farm, potted up at least twice into three inch pots, hardened off and ready to be popped into the ground (or another pot if you prefer container gardening). Price: $4.75 per pot

Half gallon, gallon and larger pots– We have full grown plants available for sale as well. These plants are at least one year old and are ready to be planted in the ground. Many plants can be divided and spread out to cover a larger area. Prices vary, $7.50-$28

Again, live plants are only available for order between February and May by phone (615-804-0064) and email (

If you don’t see something, please ask! We often have plants stored in all corners and maybe have something available that is not listed.

ageratum (red, purple) Ageratum cut flower
amaranth (red or green love lies bleeding, red spike) Amaranthus cut flower
ammi (green mist, dara) Ammi cut flower
angelica Angelica archangelica herb
anise hyssop Agastache foeniculum herb/cut flower/pollinator plant/perennial
artichoke Cynara scolymus herb
ashwagandha Withania somnifera herb
baby’s breath Gysophila cut flower/pollinator plant
bachelor button (blue) Centaurea cyanus cut flower
basil (Genovese, purple, thai, lemon) Ocimum herb/cut flower
bee balm (purple) Monarda fistulosa herb/pollinator plant/perennial
black eye susan (yellow, orange) Rudbeckia cut flower, perennial
borage Borago officinalis herb
burdock Arctium lappa herb
butterfly weed Asclepias tuberosa herb/cut flower/pollinator


calendula Calendula officinale herb
castor Ricinus communis (toxic)
catnip Nepeta catara herb/perennial
cayenne Capsicum herb
celosia (red, yellow) Celosia cut flower
chamomile Matricaria chamomilla herb/perennial
comfrey Symphytum herb/perennial
cosmos (double click, Cosmos bipinnatus cut flower
dahlia (dinnerplate white, dinnerplate pink, ball salmon, ball purple, etc) Dahlia cut flower/perennial
echinacea Echinacea herb/cut flower/perennial
elacampaign Inula helenium herb/perennial
elder Sambucus nigra herb/perennial
fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum herb
feverfew Tanacetum parthenium herb/cut flower/perennial
foxglove (mixed color) Digitalis purpurea cut flower (toxic)
ginger Zingiber officinale herb
goldenrod Soledago pollinator plant/perennial
gomphrena (white, purple, red) Gomphrena globosa cut flower
hibiscus Hibiscus sabdariffa herb
holy basil (kapoor) Ocimum tenuiflorum herb
hyacinth bean Lablab purpureus cut flower
iron weed Vernonia pollinator plant/perennial
joe pye Eutrochium pollinator plant/perennial
lavender Lavandula herb
lisianthus Eustoma cut flower
luffa Luffa luffa sponge!
marigold (orange, yellow) Tagetes cut flower
marshmallow Althea officinalis herb/perennial
milk thistle Silybum marianum herb
milkweed Asclepias pollinator plant/perennial
motherwort Leonurus cardiaca herb/perennial
mountain mint Pycnanthemum pollinator plant/perennial
mugwort Artemisia vulgaris herb/perennial
mullein, greek Verbascum olypicum herb/pollinator plant/perennial
nettle Urtica dioica herb/perennial
peppermint Mentha piperta herb/perennial
plantain Plantago major herb/perennial
sage Salvia officinalis herb/perennial
scabiosa (black, red, blue) Scabiosa cut flower
shiso Perilla frutescens herb
skullcap Scutellaria lateriflora herb/perennial
snapdragon (mixed color) Antirrhinum cut flower
spearmint Mentha spicata herb/perennial
spilanthes Acmella oleracea herb
statice (mixed color) Limonium sinuatum cut flower
stock (mixed color) Matthiola incana cut flower
strawflower Xerochrysum bracteatum cut flower
sweet annie Artemisia annua herb/perennial
sweet pea (mixed color) Lathyrus odoratus cut flower
tickseed Coreopsis pollinator plant/perennial
tobacco Nicotiana herb
turmeric Curcuma longa herb
wood betony Stachys officinalis herb/perennial
yarrow (white) Achillea millefolium herb/cut flower/perennial
zinnia (pink, red, rose, salmon, orange, purple, queen series or mixed color) Zinnia elegans cut flower