Live Plant Ordering Procedure:

  • Look at our plant available list below
  • Order by calling Michelle at 615 804 0064.
  • Order at least 48 hours before you intend to pick up your plants. We need just a little time to process all orders.
  • Pay after we confirm your order via paypal (
  • Plants are available for pick during the month of September at the farm, located at 949 Mercer Road Butler PA 16001.

Large Pots– 2 or more gallons in size, Prices vary, $15-$35 each
Medium Pots
– 1/2 to 1 gallon in size, most $12 each (unless otherwise marked)
Small Pots– 3-5 inch pot size, $4.75 each
Six Packs– Each pack contains six individual plants, very limited quantity. $6.50 per six pack

anise hyssop herb/cut flower/pollinator plant/perennial small pot
bee balm herb/cut flower/pollinator plant/perennial medium pot, large pot ($15)
butterfly weed herb/cut flower/pollinator plant/perennial 6 pack, small pot, large pot ($23)
catnip herb/cut flower/pollinator plant/perennial 6 pack, small pot
danshen herb/perennial large pot ($18)
echinacea herb/cut flower/pollinator plant/perennial medium pot ($14)
elder herb/perennial large pot ($25)
elecampane herb/perennial medium pot
false indigo cut flower/perennial small pot
feverfew herb/cut flower/perennial medium pot
hops herb/perennial medium pot ($16)
hyssop herb/perennial medium pot
ironweed pollinator plant/perennial medium pot
joe pye pollinator plant/perennial medum pot
licorice herb/perennial medium pot
lupine cut flower/perennial medium pot ($16)
marshmallow herb/perennial 6 pack, small pot
milkweed pollinator plant/perennial medium pot
motherwort (chinese) herb/perennial large pot ($18)
mugwort herb/perennial medium pot
mullein herb/perennial medium pot
nettle herb/perennial medium pot
passionflower herb/perennial small pot, medium pot
peppermint herb/perennial medium pot
sage herb/perennial 6 pack, small pot, large pot ($15)
sweet annie herb/cut flower/perennial medium pot
valerian herb/perennial medium pot
violet herb/perennial medium pot
vitex herb/pollinator plant/perennial large pot ($35)
wood betony herb/cut flower/perennial medium pot
yarrow, pink herb/cut flower/perennial 6 pack, small pot, medium pot