Welcome to Cutting Root Farm & Apothecary!  We are beyond thrilled to share our herbs and flowers with you.  Cutting Root is a community supported organic medicinal herb and cut flower farm, artist residency program, community apothecary and education space.  We have been on the journey of care giving the land on this farm for nine years, growing over 150 different species of medicinal herbs and flowers.  We respectfully acknowledge that our farm exists on occupied Shawnee, Seneca / Cayuga (Haudenosaunee/Iroquois) land.  We take care to grow more than what we need- donating dried herbs to Dine (Navajo) elders and beautiful bouquets to Flowers for Black Beloveds.  Check out our Community Joy page for more information.  

On and off the farm, we engage people and meet them where they are in their use of botanicals in their lives. We have lovely live plants for sale in the spring and fall, fresh herbs are available seasonally, our cut flowers bring joy to our farmer’s market booth and your home, and all of our apothecary products are made using organic herbs. We host gatherings, classes, volunteer days and other events.

Workshops and educational opportunities abound to learn more about growing and using herbs. The Wild Cherries Herbal Studies Programs offers an Intro to Herbal Studies course for folks who want to learn more.  More focused classes are taught via zoom, at the farm, or in Pittsburgh.  Check out our Class page for more info!)

Volunteers and visitors are always welcome! Just check our volunteer hours or contact us to make an appointment. It’s our honor to share this land and these plants with you.

Tea Blends

Tinctures and Elixirs

Skin Care

Holy moly that sleep tincture has changed my life!!!! You are amazing and I’m going to need a lifetime supply.


Your tea took me from 100 to 14. I was finally able to chill out.


Thank you so much, again for the fresh bulk herbs! Everything looks and smells and tastes so good. I made a batch of tea last night and I’m loving it. The mint really stands out – it is so much better than what I’ve bought from bulk herb suppliers that I need far less to get the same flavor.


I bought a bottle of Cramp Ease tincture from you a few months back. It’s immensely helpful on my worst days and I really appreciate all the relief it provides.


I want you to know that your herb csa was the BEST csa I’ve ever participated it and that’s something cuz I’ve run several csa programs over the years! Haha!


Your tea blend is saving my life. Bless you and your powerful work.


I made my mom an essential oil scar salve for her scar on her nose from skin cancer removal that included your scar oil, and it works so great! I did an essential oils salve first which worked amazing, then when Rose came to WY mom tried your scar oil you made for Rose, which was also amazing. So then I combined them and Pam is so pleased with the results! I really really wish I had a before and after picture. I always forget to take before pictures. But even the very first day I had her use the essential oils, her nose healed significantly, and this is several weeks/ months after the procedure, so her skin had mostly stopped healing. She says we need to sell this stuff! You are magic!