Through Plants, We Connect With People

We love this work.  We love being out in the hot sun for days at a time, only the farm crew, the flowers and the insects.  But if that was all our farm was, it wouldn’t be sustainable.  What we love about this work is that we get to do all the farm work that we love to do AND we get to bring it to you!  We love connecting with people and building community through these plants.  We love bringing herbs to events, we love the smiles that we see when we walk in with buckets of flowers.

We urge you to be in touch if you are doing community work and want to collaborate with our farm. We joyfully honor as many requests as we can, so please, let us bring some joy to your next community event.

Volunteer at the farm!

We’ll be back in the spring with different volunteer opportunities.  If you think you’d be a good fit at the farm, feel free to reach out via email and let us know how you’re interested in plugging in.

Volunteer With Flowers for Black Girls and Black Beloveds!

This is a collaboration between the Black Unicorn Library Project and Cutting Root Farm and Apothecary. If you’d like to collaborate with us, donate flowers, volunteer to make deliveries, or support our work, sign on up!  You can read more about our project here

Volunteer support requested for:
Garden maintenance
Flower deliveries
Special events

We will be offering a $15 gas card to our delivery drivers in appreciation for their support on delivery days.

Sign Up To Volunteer

Partners and Community Projects

Stone Cabin Collective

In 1974 Dine members of the Black Mesa/Big Mountain community faced their most recent government-forced relocation.  Many refused to leave, claiming their ancestral homelands.  While these families continue to live on their own lands today, they do so without access to the power grid, running water or appropriate year round road maintenance.  The movie Broken Rainbow documents the decades old struggle.

In 2010, the Stone Cabin Collective was formed- an all volunteer group of herbalists, massage providers, energy workers and lay people, to offer free bi-annual health services in the Big Mountain/Black Mesa area of AZ. Our Elder Wellness Week was organized to honor the elders especially, but people of all ages were welcome.  Our group of volunteers is small, but we’ve offered body work, herbs and footbaths to hundreds of residents during our pop up clinics at senior centers.  Since the pandemic began, we have been collecting and delivering a wide variety of medical and household supplies to the most remote households there.

Flowers for Black Beloveds

In 2014 a group of community members came together to celebrate Black women and girls, and honor ourselves as we mourned the loss of Teaira Whitehead. We continue to ask #WhatHappenedtoTeairaWhitehead because we will never forget our dear sibling nor any of the Black women, girls, femmes, MAGES and people impacted by gender-based violence. We commit to and will continue to do the life-affirming work of giving Black folks our flowers while we are here. We will honor our beauty, dynamism, and resilience in all of our manifestations!

In 2019, Cutting Root Farm began to collaborate with the Black Unicorn Library Project to make 10+ deliveries per week to Black women (Trans, gender-expansive, fluid, cis) girls, femmes, masculine of center folks, non-binary people, and/or MaGes (people of Marginalized Genders).  Fill out this form to request flowers, plant medicines, flower seeds or to gift them to someone else.  We are growing this project with our cut flower garden in East Liberty where flowers are available in season.  Please contact us if you would like to volunteer or support this project.

Seed Library

Each autumn we joyfully save seeds, honoring the full life of our plants.  In collaboration with The Black Unicorn Library Project we are sharing these seeds with you.  This winter you can find them at the Reading Room in Boom Concepts.  Click here to learn more.