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We have one fall CSA option, a six week fresh herb CSA

Our Herbal CSA includes a weekly delivery of one pound of fresh herbs for medicine making (drying, tincturing, cooking with). Six weeks of herbs means 6 pounds of herbs for $105.  

A sample six week share:

Six pounds of herbs to cook with
– make nettle pesto, hibiscus icing or dandelion wine

Six pound of herbs to dry for tea
– make immune boosting tea blends (with elecampane and boneset!)
– or dry your favorites in bulk (lemon balm, tulsi and chamomile are some of my favorites)

Six pounds of herbs to make medicine
– make your own tinctures (valerian root and skullcap are best tinctured fresh)
– craft yummy syrups and elixirs (like cherry bark for your cough syrup)

Choose your herbs and delivery dates to make it easy for you.

Sign up for our Herbal CSA