Fresh Herb Orders

Thank you for your interest in our fresh herb orders. Freshly harvested herbs are so special- from the smell of holy basil to the cutest little flowers of skullcap.  As we grow over 80 different kinds of herbs that are available throughout the year, there is a lot of harvest activity and changes to the availability of fresh herbs throughout the year.  Read on to find out about our Fresh Herb Order Process and our Herbal CSA.

You can pre-order fresh herbs with our Fresh Herb Order Form or as a member of our Fresh Herb CSA. 

*Our Fresh Herb Order Form lists all the fresh herbs we will offer in 2022.  Once you submit a form, we’ll be in touch with anticipated harvest dates and information.

*Our Fresh Herb CSA gives you the choice of what herbs to receive throughout the season and a discount when buying in bulk. 

Once you order fresh herbs, we’ll be in touch the week before harvest and will ship out to you via one day standard shipping (or overnight shipping if one day standard shipping is not available in your location) OR you can arrange for on farm pick up OR you can pick up at the Bloomfield Saturday Farmer’s Market.

Please pay for your order via paypal to **All orders must be prepaid**

If you have questions, please contact us at

Thanks so much!!

Fresh Herb Order Form
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