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Fresh Herb Orders

Fresh herbs are  a great way to make distinctive delicious medicines.  Order now to pick up at the farm or the farmers market this Saturday.  You can also order any fresh herb in advance and we’ll be in touch when we are ready to harvest.

We have elderberries this week!  A great antiviral elderberries are delicious and add to any  tea, tincture and syrup.  We soak the fresh berries in hunny from the farmer’s market for 6 weeks to extract lots of goodness and then strain it out and add it to hot drinks for a little sweetness.

This is probably our last week for skullcap, a skeletal muscle relaxer for those who hole tension in their shoulders. This herb adds so much relaxation to tea, tinctures and I love using a topical oil to massage on sore muscles.

  • We also have:
  • Anise Hyssop- so sweet and soothing for the belly!
  • Calendula- beautiful flowers for gentle and effective skin care
  • Echinacea Flowers- boosts your innate immunity so you are able to fight off unfamiliar infections
  • Garlic Bulbs- our largest yet $1 each
  • Holy Basil- delicious iced tea that supports a healthy nervous system
  • Lobelia- in flower and seed, a most potent relaxant
  • Marshmallow Leaf- makes a soothing tea
  • Sage- garden sage, a great spice and tea
  • Wood Betony- second harvest of the year, beautiful leaves for helping our vagus nerves.

*Our Fresh Herb Order Form lists all the fresh herbs we will offer in 2022.  Once you submit a form, we’ll be in touch with anticipated harvest dates and information.

*Our Fresh Herb CSA gives you the choice of what herbs to receive throughout the season and a discount when buying in bulk. 

Please pay for your order via paypal to **All orders must be prepaid**

Fresh Herb Order Form
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