Woooooo!!!! It’s here!

Sign up for our 8 week 2019 CSA.

8 pounds of herbs for medicine making (drying, tincturing, cooking with) /or/ 8 weeks of BEEEutiful flower bouquets <3
(Pick up at Bloomfield Market or Polish Hill preferred.)

For the Herb CSA, we’ll send you a list of herbs we have available so you are able to choose what medicines you receive.
If you’d like to get a longer season, feel free to sign up for two CSA shares.

8 weeks of herbs:

  • 8 pounds of herbs to cook with
    – nettle pesto
    – hibiscus icing
  • 8 pound of herbs to dry for tea
    – make immune boosting tea blends
    – or dry your favorites in bulk
  • 8 pounds of herbs to make medicine
    – make your own tinctures
    – craft yummy syrups and elixirs

Choose your herbs and delivery dates to make it easy for you

8 weeks of flowers:
Have bouquets all summer long with our Flower CSA. Choose any bouquet we bring to market.
A delightful way to brighten up your house. Great presents for friends & loved ones.

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” (so should you!)
― Claude Monet